In these interesting times, New Vintage Church is pushing out some additional content to help us continue to grow in Christ. The first episode takes a format I’ve come to love, from the “Optimal,” family of podcasts. There is “Optimal Finance Daily,” “Optimal Business Daily,” etc. All they do isContinue Reading

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday: Well, I guess I should say something about the Christianity Today editorial calling for President Trump’s removal from office, their doubling down, and the subsequent rebuttals from various corners of Christendom. Nah. I don’t think I will. When we talk about the depthContinue Reading

It’s that time of the year again, when media outlets award their, “best of,” awards for this and that. Rather than enthrall you with dramatic prose, drum rolls, or drama–I’ll get to the point. Here are the best things I encountered over the course of 2019. I hope you findContinue Reading