Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved) TimSpivey.com. Take some time to explore and feel free to offer feedback. I’ll begin real posts on Wednesday. Here are some of the new things you’ll find…

-A new look

On the IPod let’s you know some of the tunes I’m listening to

What I’m reading is probably self-explanatory

Under Upcoming Events, you’ll find info on upcoming speaking engagements as well as info on how to book one if you wish

Under Must Go Events, you’ll find a link listing of some of the best Christian events anywhere.

Blogofame is a listing of up to 10 blogs that I read regularly and think might be helpful to you.

About will have brief bio on me

Photos (forthcoming) will have photo albums of family life and church stuff.

Writings (forthcoming) will have articles, reviews, and books (those aren’t free though).

All of this is designed to do two things:

1. Help enrich your spiritual life
2. Help us all get to know each other better

I hope you find it a blessing.

For His Glory,