Jesus_the_powerful_servant To my surprise, the Christian Chronicle published a short review of Jesus: the Powerful Servant. It was surprisingly gentle. I have printed it below.


Tim Spivey. Jesus the Powerful Servant. Joplin, Mo.: College, 2006. ISBN 0-89900-945-X. 99 pages; $7.99; 800-289-3300.

"Part of the 3:16 series by College Press, this book is designed primarily for small-group study and interaction, but also makes an excellent personal study. Spivey’s 13 chapters offer a focused study of key passages from Mark brought to life by his use of relevant, personal anecdotes and other reflections. 

Spivey writes, “Mark does not have the ‘red print’ of Matthew, the parables of Luke, or the riveting metaphors of John. … He brings his own offerings to the table. They are urgency, conciseness, and a vision of Jesus that we would do well to preserve.”