Does anyone really like the field-goal kicker? Not really. They are viewed as the smallest, softest guy on a football team–who has the easiest job, by FAR. People like that don’t get respect on a football team.

They don’t get it at church either.

Most churches have a field-goal kicker. You can identify them fairly easily. They are the one about whom everyone asks, “Why do we need a _______minister.” Or, “How come they are the only ones that get to ________?” Usually, the answer to that question is because they are the only one who can do that thing really well, and it simply has to be done. They are the field-goal kicker. You may say to yourself, “We have all these other atheletes on the team, surely one of them can kick for us.”


The only guy who can do it is the dude with one goofy bar for a face-mask who can’t tackle or outrun a loaf of bread.

Rather than malign the person, perhaps we’d do better to thank the Lord for providing them for us. Because, without them, we’d have a hard time getting the ball through the uprights. For the record, it’s better to have more than one. But, if you only have one…love and respect that kicker. Having them opens up opportunities to put points on the board you would never have otherwise. Some work with children. Others work with teens. They lead praise or preach. Some keep the facilities up.

Who is it at your church? They are the one many, but can’t do without–though they may think they can. I’ve seen churches be ruthless on certain ministers or key volunteers simply because they don’t fit the pre-conceived model of what a valued member of the team should be. Discouraging that key player rather than encouraging, blessing, and welcoming them is a recipe for disaster. A team is a unit that needs players at all positions.

Make no mistake. It’s OK to try to help the Field-Goal Kicker be a better tackler or see if they can punt as well. Just, don’t ask them to stop kicking in order to tackle. If you do, you’ll be sorry.

Appreciate them. I know they’re a terrible tackler. That’s OK. You’re a terrible kicker.

Who do you think are the field-goal kickers in American churches?