Last night at HOCC, the church gathered at the building to pray their way through some of the facility improvements that have been made at Highland Oaks. There are more to come, but last night included the prayer garden, courtyard, lobby, and new worship center. Each took turns writing a Scripture, prayer, or blessing on the stage before it is covered. We called the night, "Written in Stone."

It was another step in a long journey that looks like it is coming to a finishing point. It’s been a long journey, but one I have always believed in…and still do.

Vision is our "preferred picture of the future." It’s what fills us with hope that causes us to do things that we normally wouldn’t and sacrifice what we didn’t think we could. I am filled with hope to think of all the great things that can and will go on in the HOCC building in the years to come–evangelism, preaching, worship, prayer, community, care, benevolence, love, spiritual growth, etc., and that makes the whole thing worth it.

How do we recognize vision when we see it, and how do we recognize visionlessness (a Spiveyism)?

It seems to me that there are also visions of different types – kingdom, church, personal, global, eternal, spiritual, etc. If you feel comfortable sharing a vision with the blog nation, please do. I’d love to hear it.