This week, I am taking my final doctoral seminar class…on Worship. Unbeknownst to many, before I began preaching, I spent 4 years as a Worship Minister for the University Church of Christ that meets on the Pepperdine campus. Those were some of my favorite years of my ministry. There is just something about the praise element of a Sunday that is unique–and there is scarcely more fulfilling ministry than leading God's people in praise.

I've read lots of good stuff in preparation for this class. Beyond those, one of my new favorites is  by Harold Best. Harold Best, in his book, Music Through the Eyes of Faith, defines worship in the broadest sense as
“acknowledging that someone or something else is greater – worth more – and by
consequence, to be obeyed, feared, and adored…Worship is the sign that in giving
myself completely to someone or something, I want to be mastered by it." (pg.

Worship is, at it's essence, submitting ourselves through praise and covenant to the reign of God. This is true of all elements of worship. Praise isn't worship. True praise, prayer, preaching, listening, and coming to the table all engage us in, one way or another, giving ourselves completely God to be mastered by Him.

Question: What is the most powerful element of worship for you?