When a church attender says to me, “Worship was awesome today!” I give thanks. I used to wince a bit, because I was worried they had found too much entertainment value in the assembly at the expense of authentic worship.

I came to realize my cynicism, while not totally unfounded, was largely misguided. The person is simply trying to say they enjoyed the gathering and felt God’s presence. Sometimes they are saying they laughed, cried, felt warmth, or had fun. Can any of those happen as a part of genuine worship. Of course they can!

I just didn’t really want to believe that.

Perhaps I felt threatened by, “Worship was awesome today!” because I wished people said it more. It’s like when someone tells you, “You look nice today,” and you don’t hear it very often…you might think to yourself, “What do they mean by that?”

Rather than picking apart their words and motives, I’ve decided it’s a good thing for some to say worship was awesome today. It’s a bad thing for me to hope it’s not for them. Of course we want them to be in awe of God, not us. Fear not, church members are almost never in awe of us. And, when something resembling such occurs, they’re often responding to God working through His proclaimer, His psalmist, etc. There are far worse things to worry about than whether someone experienced a sense of awe in the assembly.

Let’s worry more about whether or not people are being transformed in worship. The question isn’t, “what do they mean by ‘awesome.'” The real question is whether there is any sense of awe in your church.

Thoughts? How do you take it when someone says something like, “Worship was awesome today!”