I’m reading a book called "Why Church Matters," by Jonathan Wilson. Who would have thought we’d have to write books like that. In some ways, it’s a good ole typical mainline book on worship. In other ways, it’s far less condescending than some of Marva Dawn’s stuff. Here’s an interesting quote:

"Practices cannot be sustained apart from institutional structures. At a minimal level, a basketball team needs to know when and where it is meeting for practice, who the coach is, who has the keys to the gym, who will pump up the balls to the proper pressure, when and where the games will be played, who will play which position, and much more. Similarly, "churching" requires some form…the question is not how much institution…rather the question for the institution(s) of the church are whether it is enabling or disabling the practices of the church…whether it serves internal goods…and whether it faithfully participates in the telos given by God."