I know many who read this blog are not members of Churches of Christ. However, this is an important question for any Christian Fellowship to answer: Why Should I Stay?

I conversed recently with a preacher at the end of his rope. He feels his ministry is futile. He feels everything he suggests either gets a “no,” or gets a “yes” only after a multi-month, Herculean effort that brings him to the brink of utter despair. Even then, the “yes” brings him only tepid support that lasts until the first complaint.

This isn’t his first rodeo. Not even close. But, he’s torn between his spiritual heritage and what he perceives to be the vanity of staying in churches that exhaust he and his family while quenching his gifts and training.

This is of course is how he feels after many years of ministry. His heart is frustrated, tired, broken, and he’s asking: Why Should I Stay? Not in ministry. Not in Christ. In Churches of Christ. Granted, what makes one “in” or “out” is itself complicated. But, he is talking about a clean break.

I know I haven’t told you a lot. But, you know the broader strokes and probably know someone who has felt similarly–asking, “Why Should I Stay?” 

I offered a few suggestions as to why he might want to stay, and why he might not. What would you tell him? He’s listening.