I really didn’t want to leave TypePad. Their user interface is simple and easy for a dullard like myself to use. Someone like me can build a fairly complicated blog rather easily, and I was always happy with the SEO features.

However, WordPress has them beat on mobile platforms. More and more, technology is going mobile. People don’t have to wait to access things any more. They don’t want to wait. Neither do I. WordPress’ mobile interfaces are more intuitive and feature rich. Replying to comments is much simpler, and viewing the site in a mobile format is more appealing. So, I made the switch as I currently don’t have a stationary office…and thus, do nearly everything on the go.

There’s a lesson here for churches. Don’t just pay attention to the way your website looks. Pay attention to how the mobile version looks, as well. These days, a searcher is increasingly more likely to encounter your church for the first time in a mobile format.

Something to think about.