Neighborhood This week, I learned that the missing hiker found dead in Oregon is the neighbor of one of our church members. Last week, I found out the the man in Allen, Texas, who was turned in by a hit man for paying him to murder his pregnant wife was the neighbor of one of the other families at Highland Oaks.

A couple of thoughts…

1) Is it just bad luck to live next to someone from Highland Oaks? Answer: I don’t think so.

2) It would take media coverage for many of us to know what is going on in the lives of our neighbors.

Em and I are on the go a lot. And, a lot of our relational energies and time are spent on people in the church. Here’s a brutal confession…after 4 years… I still don’t know the names of my next-door neighbors. I know them, but not well enough to remember their names.

That’s bad.

That’s embarrassing.

That’s going to change.

How well do you know your neighbors?