Who are Your Neighbors?

Neighborhood This week, I learned that the missing hiker found dead in Oregon is the neighbor of one of our church members. Last week, I found out the the man in Allen, Texas, who was turned in by a hit man for paying him to murder his pregnant wife was the neighbor of one of the other families at Highland Oaks.

A couple of thoughts…

1) Is it just bad luck to live next to someone from Highland Oaks? Answer: I don’t think so.

2) It would take media coverage for many of us to know what is going on in the lives of our neighbors.

Em and I are on the go a lot. And, a lot of our relational energies and time are spent on people in the church. Here’s a brutal confession…after 4 years… I still don’t know the names of my next-door neighbors. I know them, but not well enough to remember their names.

That’s bad.

That’s embarrassing.

That’s going to change.

How well do you know your neighbors?

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2 thoughts on “Who are Your Neighbors?

  1. I do know the names of folks on either side of us, but I don’t really know anyone else in the neighborhood.
    My wife, on the other hand, can tell you something nice about just about everyone on our street. She’s great at stuff like that, and that’s just one more reason why we make a good team!

  2. We have lived in our neighborhood for 14 years. We talk to our neighbors all around us whenever we are outside, but I can never remember their names. I have known their names at one time, but since we don’t visit unless we are outside, I don’t remember them. We realized after coming to Highland Oaks a year ago, that George and Bonnie Baker live down the street from us. They are at the other end of the street, but I know their names more than the names of those right around me. It’s sad. When I was growing up, we knew the names of all our neighbors within 5 houses out each direction including across the street. In fact, I still know the names of all those neighbors even though I haven’t lived their for 22 years. It’s sad how times have changed. I know we need to make more of an effort. I’m going to try and change that. Thanks for the reminder.