Another stirring prayer from my friend, Ray Hardin. Be blessed today.


Whispered Blessing


O God heaven and earth, how we wish for

a second chance.  Some way to undo or get

beyond the mess we’ve made of things.  Or the

mess someone else has made that troubles us

as much as them.  And so we breath out—


barely audible—our would that, how I

wish or if only.  And though sometimes those little

prayers are for others, most often they are for

ourselves.  Reviewing our life with regret and the weight

of sorrow, we wish things were different.  Better.


Maybe more like they once were—back when.  Or

more like we would have them be.  Careers.  Husband.

Wife.  Health.  Children.  Finances.  would that.

How I wish.  If only.  Our soft prayers

ricochet off heaven’s grace and come back to us


with a question:  what would your world look like

if your whispered prayers for yourself got somehow

transformed into whispered blessings for others?

Would they make any difference?  Would they change

anything?  Could they open the way for a second chance?