In general, which ministry position do you believe is the most difficult to find a godly, hard-working, immensely gifted person who works well on a team, performs their ministry with excellence and buys into the church’s vision? I’m speaking here of the best ministers: which is the most difficult ministry position to fill well? This question isn’t an assessment of the value of the position itself. I’m asking this question because ministerial hiring is one of the difficult things to do well. Furthermore, some areas of ministry have a ton of “OK” candidates but very few “great” candidates. Some positions just don’t have many candidates of any kind.

Here are the choices in no particular order:

  1. Youth Minister
  2. Children’s Minister
  3. Outreach/Evangelism Minister
  4. Sr. Minister/Preaching Minister
  5. Campus/Young Adults Minister
  6. Worship Minister
  7. Administration Minister

My answer is not a cop-out…more of a fact–they’re all difficult. However, if I had to pick one, I would probably say a Campus/Young Adults minister in a church not near a Christian college.

What do you think?