You’ve gotta love a Martin Luther pumpkin. Why? Because today isn’t just Halloween. It’s Reformation Day! So today, let’s not just hand out the candy. Let’s ask a poignant question.¬†Where have all the Luthers gone–those who have enough courage to stand up to power, conventional wisdom, and heresy? I know there are some Luthers around. All over the world and especially overseas, Christians are willing to suffer persecution for the name of Christ. Today in particular, I’m thankful for them.

Luthers are willing to challenge church tradition with what is actually in the Bible. They are willing to do something other than continue sick systems or other mutations of true Christianity. People like Martin Luther will look the Pope straight in the face, respectfully, and say, “I cannot recant.”

But, Luther wasn’t just some anti-authoritarian, protestester monk. He was conscientious, intelligent, spiritually deep, and offered his objections in service of the Church. He didn’t try to ruin the Church. He wanted to reform the church. And, he did. All Christians today have been impacted my Martin Luther, whether they want to admit it or not.

Obviously, we don’t follow Luther. We follow Jesus. Luther certainly wasn’t right on all points of doctrine, and some of his latter day teachings got off-track as his health deteriorated. Nevertheless, Luther was right on many things that matter most: Grace as the source of salvation; the authority of Scripture; the limits of church tradition, despite it’s benefits; and that Christianity requires the courage to suffer marginalization–even from other “Christians” when the Gospel demands it.

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Also, for your viewing pleasure, here is a clip of Joseph Fiennes playing Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms in the movie Luther.