The average Christian has no earthly idea what happens when the door closes to the leadership meeting. Some don’t care. Most would, if they knew what happened in there.

There is no C-SPAN for churches. I’m not sure there should or shouldn’t be. Obviously, there is a need for some confidentiality in talking about the intimate affairs of people’s lives. However, there are times when I think it might not be the worst idea. Nearly every year when I teach my leadership class at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures, I ask, “Do you think church leaders would behave differently in meetings if they were filmed and accessible to the church?” Without fail, there is knowing laughter and a concession that it can get pretty dicey back there.

Can it ever.

I’ve said consistently throughout the years this blog has been aired that dysfunctional leadership is the root cause of most churches ills (whether elders or staff), and that healthy leadership typically represents the earthly beginning point for God to bring growth and health to churches.

That’s why what happens when the door closes matters so much. This series of posts is designed to provide a peek behind the closed door–good, bad, and ugly. It’s not an expose or tell-all. It’s going to just be blunt truth about what can happen when God’s people work together…and when they don’t. Most of the stories will either be from my time as a consultant with churches or from my colleague’s experiences. The purpose will be to to heighten awareness and suggest some ways we can better honor Christ as His people.

We live in a time when people have been disappointed by leaders to the point they are beginning to doubt it’s importance–or whether there are in fact good leaders out there. I know there are. I also know that most bad leaders would rather be good leaders and most church leaderships would like to work together better–they just don’t know how.┬áThese posts will simply be observations with practical suggestions on doing things better when the door closes. There are churches where the board room is a killing field. In other churches, Christ shines absolutely radiantly through faithful, strong leadership. We’ll look at both.

If there are any topics in this stream you’d like to discuss, I’m open to talking about them. Just drop them in the comment box or email me. I’d also love to hear your stories–good, bad, and ugly from “behind the door.”