Hope light in darkness

Hope light in darknessThough I’ve read them all many times, I’m still filled with anticipation whenever I read through my Bible and hear any biblical writer (especially Jesus) say, “The Kingdom of God is Like…” I find that phrase unusually exhilarating and I know whatever follows is likely to be crucial Gospel that I need to hear.

I love those words and I found myself reflecting on my week thinking about all the ways I saw God move.¬†Over the past week, I’ve watched the Gospel break out in so many magnificent ways–all in the face of tragedy, sin, ugliness, and despair.

In the midst of all hell breaking loose, the gift of seeing all Kingdom break loose and run over hell is one of a Christian’s greatest joys. I know we aren’t supposed to talk that way–we’re supposed to be civil with our enemies. But, Satan is no ordinary enemy and deserves my coddling about as much as I deserve God’s grace.

So there.

To what shall we compare the Kingdom of God? The Kingdom of God is like:

  • The restoration of a teenager who felt the need to experience the far country.
  • A broken woman receiving grace and acceptance from God’s people.
  • A mom thought dead returning to life (mine).
  • A person with a critical spirit confessing it to the one they’ve verbally cut for months. Reconciliation dawning.
  • A mom and dad burying their infant amidst tears while God’s people help fulfill Jesus’ blessing upon those who mourn.
  • A family provides an entire season’s worth of meat for a family that hasn’t eaten meat in months because they can’t afford it.
  • Tears flowing down the cheeks of a worshiper remembering her departed husband as the church sings Chris Tomlin’s, “I Will Rise.”
  • A man closed to Christ most of his life opens his first Bible and begins to read the Gospel of John.
Yes, there are times when all hell breaks loose. But in the end, we Christians need to remember all hell is no match for the Kingdom broken loose. He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.
May your week be blessed, and may all Kingdom break loose wherever you are.
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