I attended High School at Long Beach Poly High School in Long Beach, California. The school was located on the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. and Pacific Coast Highway. Our school was nearly burned to the ground during the L.A. riots of 1992. I have wondered periodically  what Dr. King would have thought of those days.

I am unusually familiar with Dr. King because of my urban upbringing, my study of his preaching and writings, and my ongoing interest in race relations. Many civil rights activists have come and gone…but Dr. King was the best of the best of them.

So, today, I wish to offer thanks for Dr. King. Were he alive today, I’m convinced that ours would be a better world. Then again, his is with us through his legacy…

  • Of non-violent protest
  • Of faith in Jesus
  • Of longsuffering and love for enemy
  • Of relentless stamina for fighting the battle for justice
  • Of desiring the very best for all people.

Thank you,

Dr. King