What about the Old Testament

Grunge_biblePlaying off a comment that Trey left on the Acapella music post, I’d like for us to talk some about the role of the Old Testament in the life of the church.

Thomas Campbell wrote, "The New Testament is as perfect a constitution for the worship,
discipline, and government of the New Testament Church, and as perfect
a r
ule for the particular duties of its members, as the Old Testament
was for the worship, discipline, and government of the Old Testament
Church, and the particular duties of its members."

Perhaps this has something to do with why the OT has historically been relegated to flying coach in the Restoration Movement’s hermeneutical airplane, while the NT flies business class, and Acts flies 1st class. In the emerging hermeneutic the seats are reassigned somewhat. Paul in coach, the Old Testament (especially the prophets) in business class, and the gospels (especially Luke) in first class.

A couple of questions: First, is all of this OK?

Second: If the OT didn’t exist, what would we be missing?

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