D.J. IVERSON FIRST PHASED.J. Iverson PaintingYesterday was one of those days that you remember as a preacher for a while. I will remember it because it was NVC's first Easter service. I'll remember it because of the energy in the room, the way the Body worked together in service, the praise, and even (if I'm honest) the count. I'll remember staring at D.J. Iverson's painting he finished while I preached after the room had cleared, and thinking, "That's what it's about" (not the painting, but the message of it).

An aside on the painting–I find the arts to be a wonderful way to illustrate messages. It doesn't have to be painting. However, having something that illustrates other than the illustrations in the sermon really helps the message stick. This particular painting was done over Easter week. Phase 1 was Palm Sunday (launch week) and left incomplete until Easter. He finished yesterday during the message, "Kingdom Rising." It's pictured above in it's 2 phases, and can be interpreted upside down or right-side up. It was painted both directions, as well. Great job, D.J.! Some will remember the message, more will likely remember the image of the painting in which the message of the sermon is embedded.

We also got to the 300 mark yesterday, which for our little upstart church, is a big deal. And I'll remember singing "I Will Rise," after the sermon–allowing my heart to overflow with praise to Jesus. 

That's what I'll remember.

Now, as for what I hope others remember:

  • I hope the Body will also remember the joy of serving together and the fruit of their toil. I hope they will continue to invite their friends and family and go forth with the same passion this week as Easter week.
  • For those seeking or exploring Jesus, I hope they remember the overall message of the message yesterday and want to hear more about Jesus.

What do you want people to remember about Easter? What will you remember? I want to encourage you to celebrate those who served, the good things about yesterday…and this Sunday, continue to make much of the resurrection. All of the energy we all put into yesterday is for Him. 

I would love to hear how God blessed your church yesterday. Let's hear it!