What a Weekend

I realize that I have been derelict in my blogging duties, but I haven’t had the time to squeak out even the most meager of posts. So, allow me to explain.

Friday and much of Saturday, I was in the woods on the HOCC Elder/Staff retreat. It was really a wonderful time. We spent most of the time in praise, prayer, and discussion of principles from the Arbinger Institute’s fabulous book, Leadership and Self-Deception. One of the best insights from the book is that it is easy for leaders to self-justify their beliefs and actions by exagerrating the faults/beliefs/actions of others, while inflating their own. When this happens, it becomes extremely difficult for organizations/churches to move forward. Can I get an Amen?

Saturday evening, we relaxed a bit at the house, and on Sunday, it was my birthday. Here’s the condensed version… I preached, and then came home, at some spicy sausage and macaroni and cheese from one of my favorite BBQ joints, watched some football, took a nap, then went out to a wonderful birthday dinner and movie with Emily. Then, I came home and watched last week’s episode of The Office on PVR, and passed out.

It all happened so fast… I wish I could rerun it. Oh well…only 364 more days…

Dr. Tim Spivey is Pastor of New Vintage Church in Escondido, California. He is the author of numerous articles and one book, "Jesus: The Powerful Servant." A sought after speaker for events, Tim also serves as Adjunct Professor of Religion at Pepperdine University. Tim serves as a church consultant, and his writings are featured on numerous websites, including: ChurchLeaders.com, Church Executive magazine, Faith Village, Sermon Central, and Giving Rocket.

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