It’s been quite a week so far…so I’ve been derelict in my blogging duties. I haven’t blogged since Sunday, and not in earnest since last Friday. Here is some personal miscellany, before normal blogging resumes tomorrow:

-Emily’s aunt Linda passed away last weekend after a 12-year battle with Alzheimers. Emily has been in Dallas with the family and I’ve thus had been full-time minister and full-time daddy since Sunday afternoon. Em returns this morning. I wish I could have gone with her. Linda (Emily’s aunt) was a wonderful woman of God, and I was blessed to know her.

-I never thought I’d see the day, but I turned in my final rough draft for my DMin Project Thesis. It’s been a long road. Barring some catastrophic event, and given a solid defense of my project, I’ll be Dr. Tim at around 8pm on Friday night, August 6. With the move from Dallas, a new baby, and life at NCCC keeping me plenty busy…it darn near killed me to keep chugging on the project. But…the finish line is near…and I know I’ll be really glad I sucked it up and finished.

-I’m pretty winded right now on the inside. This has been a rather emotionally taxing last 6 months or so. I can remember a time I wouldn’t have been willing to admit that. But, with the DMin, a new baby who spent time in the NICU, the growth of NCCC, and lecture season beginning… I’m winded. Summer’s almost here…so the chance for some sips of water is almost here. Spiritually, I’m doing OK. It’s the physical/emotional side that’s in need of some refreshment. Not at a crisis point by any means…but I’ve “felt the burn” for several months now.

-Projects in the pipeline include a blog redesign and 3 books. Two will be out within 12 months. 1 in about 24 months. Once the DMin is finished, these will come much more easily I’m convinced.
Next speaking engagement is at the Family of Faith Network Conference at Pepperdine June 10-12. That’s a GREAT conference…a little hidden jewel out there for anyone interested in Family Life. If you’re around you need to come and bring some people with you. Emily and I are on a panel with our friends Jack and Tami Williamson and Andy and Carrie Wall talking about thriving as a family in ministry. I’m teaching a class on family life as a spiritual discipline.

Question to think about today:

On a 1 to 10 scale, how would you rate your well-being in the following areas:


If your numbers are high…think about why. If they are low…what are you willing to do about it?