Here’s another stirring prayer, entitled, "We Hear You." From my friend Ray.

We Hear You


We hear you calling us, Lord.

On good days we hear you loud and clear.

And even on bad days the world’s siren song

never completely drowns out your voice.

We hear you asking us to

follow you

trust you

honor you.

We hear you begging us to

seek you

find you

love you.

We hear you reminding us that you alone

are worthy of our





We hear you, Lord.

And part of us wants more than anything

to find comfort and encouragement

in your voice, and to

respond to you with the best that we

have and are.

Part of us longs for the place of rest

your call offers.

Part of us knows that life

in you

would be the very best

of all possibilities.







We hear you, Lord.

But part of us finds it hard to let go

of our own ambitions

and the solutions we have

figured out for ourselves.

Part of us demands that we keep

trusting in ourselves

or at least in what

we can see and touch.


Cut through our layers of defense, Lord. Our





and all the things in us that keep telling us

to ignore your call.


Go to work on us, Lord.

In us.

Remake us in your image

so we can love you first and best.


We hear you calling us, Lord.

Help us, please,

to listen.