I’m now a little more than two weeks into my sabbatical, and so I thought I’d pause to reflect a bit.

So far, it’s been great. I’ve read some wonderful things, made good progress on my doctoral project, the Fall 2007 – Summer 2008 Sermon plan, the next 3:16 volume for College Press, setting some new goals for myself and for the church, etc. It’s actually been a fairly hardworking couple of weeks. But, I love doing all of the aforementioned stuff…so I gained energy. My biggest epiphany…religion and culture is where I’d like to spend more time in reflection and writing.

Now, it’s time for some vacation. So, we’re all going to take a breather in Scottsdale, then in SoCal. Nearly two weeks on the road with one’s toddlers has two possible trajectories. I’m choosing to think positively. If nothing else, I’ll come back knowing my kids even better–and, that’s always a good thing. I now have Holiday Road playing in my head.

Wally World, here we come…