Yesterday I voted early in the Texas primary. Here is my question? How much of a difference does the president actually make in the world?

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3 thoughts on “Voting

  1. Since I don’t like the choices this round, I want to tell myself that the POTUS is not all that important. But I know that is not true.
    In this time, the US president will make decisions that affect life and death.

  2. I think he makes a huge impact in the world, not necessarily because of his power or authority as president, but more from the influence of the office. Though there is a necessary system of checks and balances in place, and power is distributed between the three branches of government, the president of the united states wields extreme influence over all the branches as seen, for example, with the war in Iraq. I know looking back the evidence was shaky, many didn’t want to go to war, and now that we’re in even more want to end it yesterday, but the tenacity of our president got us there, kept us in, and rightfully so in my mind, until there is an acceptable way to leave. That is huge, the ability and influence to keep an entire nation at war when the majority of it wants out.
    “Leader of the free world” is quite a responsibility.