Business_odyssey_109 This Sunday at Highland Oaks is Vision Sunday 2007. It’s usually my favorite Sunday of the year because I get to think all week about the great things the Lord has in store for HOCC in the coming year(s). What is far more difficult over time is keeping vision in front of people all the time. This matters a great deal, for if vision fades, ministry follows.

The great John Wooden once said, "“Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.” We Christians call "ability" gifts, or talents…but we ought to think more about why the Lord has blessed us as He has. He has blessed us to be a blessing. What a wonderful calling. Each person and each church has been blessed uniquely for the blessing of others. At Highland Oaks, it means spiritually forming people and planting spiritual communities of real disciples.

For me, it’s preaching and leading. For you, it may be something quite different. But, our sense of vocation is our lifevision. We owe it to God and others to ponder it often, and live it always.