Business Odyssey 056
Tomorrow is my first Vision Sunday sermon at NCCC. It's always my favorite Sunday of the year. ALWAYS. Why? Because it always reminds me and God's people of what we're about, why we're about it, and what's possible with God.

If you don't do a "Vision Sunday" at your church, I want to encourage you to start. It's good for the church to be encouraged to get in the game again…to give their lives fully to Christ…if they've stopped. It's important for us to keep the church from sentences that begin with, "How come we have to…" and help the church begin them with, "What if God…" and "What if we…"

The problem is that on Vision Sunday I suffer from "preacher avalanche." This is a condition that causes the preacher to have more to say than can flow through his/her mouth in 30 minutes. Even a sizable mouth like mine cannot convey in 30 minutes what God can imagine for any church…much less NCCC. Lots of stuff will have to go unsaid. It will just have to be done. Perhaps that how it ought to be. 

Thus tomorrow is a day of preparation. Emerson once said that "People only see what they are prepared to see." May God prepare us to see what He wants us to see. And, may he use me as His vessel of preparation tomorrow.