VBS is the best.

I love it.

I loved it growing up, and as a dad and minister…it’s just awesome. Last night, hundreds of kids came to sing, learn, and be kids. I think the parents came for the same reason. As song comes to mind, "I don’t wanna grow up…I’m a…" and I want to say, "VBS kid."

Lots of things amaze me about VBS. This year, it’s the service of disciples who are willing to work their rear ends off so that kids can have a fun and spiritual week. It’s truly inspiring to me.

The VBS I went to a kid was run by Jeff Walling (a youth minister at the time…talk about lucky) at the old Newland Street Church of Christ in Garden Grove, California. He was a great Moses. I remember him hitting the rock, and water coming out of it. I stood in awe. And, I loved the punch and cookies…and the puppets…that’s old school.

Any favorite VBS memories?