IPad 3

IPad 3Yes. I got one.

And, I love it.

Here’s why.

I bought the IPad 1, 32GB, WiFi only the day it came out, and have used it ever since. I never owned an IPad 2. This IPad 3 is 64GB, featuring AT&T’s LTE. That is to say, I not only upgraded from IPad 1 to IPad 3, I upgraded memory, processor speed, and made the shift away from WiFi only. So, just as I wrote a post on the IPad and Kindle waaaay back then…I thought I’d give my thoughts on the IPad 3 and how it can be used for ministry. For my friends in the pulpit, let me just say that while you can still get it done with a yellow tablet and ball-point pen, technology can be a tremendous asset in the process of sermon preaching, preparation and personal organization. Here’s what I mean:

Preaching. I’ve preached from my IPad virtually since I bought it. I manuscript my sermons, and create an IPad edition of each sermon by decreasing the margins to .25 inches in all four directions and increasing font size to 18. I email it to myself, use GoodReader to make any last-minute changes I want, and preach it from either GoodReader or IBooks. I’ve never had a crash, and I never let my battery get remotely low (I’m OCD about it).

This whole process may seem complicated. It’s not at all once you do it a few times. If a crash worries you, restarting isn’t really a big deal–and the odds of a crash are really small. Conversely, think about misplacing notes, getting them out of order, or running out of printer ink on Sunday morning, etc. I think on the whole, the IPad process reduces variables, and as long as you aren’t using a WiFi only, you can email/open from anywhere.

Preparation. The apps for study coming out are getting scary good. My IPad routine includes Logos, YouVersion, and the granddaddy of them all – Kindle for IPad–through which I can access all of book highlights and notes. I can also watch “game film” of the previous Sunday’s sermons, edit the church web site, access my illustration database through Evernote, and do a host of other things. You may have heard how great the IPad 3 screen is. Yes, it’s that good. For those who read a lot, it’s MUCH easier on the eyes.

Personal Organization. IPad 3 is great for personal organization. Evernote, ICal, Nozbe, and all my personal organization apps are present, and usable at any time. What this means is that instead of carrying a notepad, calendar, books and sermon files to work on a sermon–I just need an IPad–and my laptop if I feel I need the mouse feel. An IPad keyboard dock gives you the real keyboard if you need. it.

There are other options. Android has some good tablets, the Kindle Fire has some cool stuff about it as well. But, the IPad 3 is absolutely terrific. Having said that, please note: What I can’t say for certain is whether the IPad 3 justifies an upgrade from IPad 2. As I mentioned, I skipped that generation.

Each minister usually has their “system.” Mine has gone fully electronic over the past year. With IPad 3, the smart-phones out there these days–the Kindle, and the thousands of apps out there–I might encourage all of my fellow ministers to give the electronic thing a try–whether it’s IPad 3 or not.

What ministry “system” do you use? Anyone else have an IPad experience from any generation they want to share?