Business Odyssey 103
It's been a while since I updated the status of the Spivey clan via blog. Last week, I was concluding the course work for my Doctor of Ministry program

  • Last Sunday, June 8, I preached my final sermon at HOCC. As you can imagine, it was an emotional experience. It was a good one however, and graciousness of God's people was overwhelming.
  • But not as overwhelming as Sunday night. That was our going away party at the church building. I got a chance to say good-bye one final time. The personal highlight for me was the 20 minute or so video that had been prepared with interviews of the church expressing gratitude. Runner up was the scrapbook we received not only chronicling our six years of ministry, but once again gushing love on us via letters that were neatly matted inside. 
  • Monday morning at 8am, a doctoral seminar on Worship began at ACU's Irving campus. This was my final coursework to complete my Doctor of Ministry degree. 8-5, Monday through Friday…after my final Sunday at HOCC. The Lord allowed me to overcome a pretty severe adrenaline and emotion hangover to learn quite a bit and get to know some really neat ministers…none of whom I knew prior to the class. Last goal…finish the Project Thesis. The rough draft is getting close!
  • This morning, the Spiveys attended worship at Southlake. The praise portion of the service was a particular blessing to us.
  • Then, we spent Father's Day on the Fort Worth side of the Metroplex. Good day.

This week, we plan to continue clarifying God's next steps for the Spiveys. This week should bring quite a bit of clarity. Keep on praying!