Rascal the WinnerI am working on some more substantive posts…but in the mean time…enjoy this nightmare.

This past Sunday, San Diego hosted the 15th annual ugliest dog contest. I LOVE the idea. I love the competition because for some reason it's OK to laugh at how ugly something is when we all know it's loved by someone. It's even better when the someone who loves it knows it's really ugly, and loves it anyways. That's the spiritual application here…but really, there isn't one…it's just funny. 

Some dog lovers would say there is no such thing as an ugly dog. They lie and the truth is not in them.

The picture above is of this year's winner, "Rascal." However, no one will ever be able to touch Sam, the perennial winner, who went to be with Satan in 2009. He's pictured below.

 Yikes. No such thing as an ugly dog, huh? Sweet dreams.