Twitter_logo One of the cool (and sometimes annoying to our older colleagues) things about having some younger people on staff is the increased "techsavvyness" they bring with them. This is but one of the reasons I enjoy working with a mixture of younger and more seasoned staff….experience and freshness. Fantastic combo!

Virtually our entire staff is on Facebook (and at least a third of the the church) and most of us Tweet. Peter Wilson (our Worship and Spiritual Formation Minister) turned me onto a little e-book entitled, "Why the Church Must Tweet." Very interesting read. It's short, and it's five bucks.

As a Tweeter… I like twitter because it forces you to be concise. It makes life easier on me, and keeps me from annoying everyone…at least through Twitter 🙂 I've found that communicating with the church via technology helps me
communicate with people I would never have the chance to otherwise. Particularly those 35 and younger.

A few of us spent some time experimenting with live tweets throughout the Willow Creek Leadership Summit this past Thursday and Friday. Even as one who gripes about decreased attention spans, etc. I have to admit…it was really cool. I'm not gutsy enough to try the live tweet thing in an assembly yet. I still have questions about that. But, just linking the church together in that way throughout the week will be cool and a good way to wade in.

We're starting small as a church–with a few accounts to link people up to talk to one another throughout the days and week. We've got some huge ideas though. As we get new ideas that we think might actually work, we'll pass them along through the blog. You don't have to be an NC3er to be part of this. If you have a Twitter account…just click on the hyperlinks below and then click, "Follow."

Here are the accounts:

Me – @twspreach (my personal twitter account)

North County Church of Christ News – @nc3news (latest updates on the church…within reason)

North County Church of Christ preaching ministry – @nc3preach (this is one that puts out tweets associated with past, current, or future message series). It will function as a mixture of devotional, preaching news and insights on preaching/teaching.

Even if your church doesn't take the leap into the Twittersphere or Facebook nation, put some thought into how your church can leverage technology for God's Glory. Web-based stuff is cheap, it's easy (with a little training) and it's a golden opportunity to reach and mature people for Jesus.

If you are reading this post, you are tech savvy enough to try some things. So, you are without excuse 🙂