There is an increasing sense in America that we can’t trust many people, institutions, etc. Apologies are nearly worthless…because everyone makes them…only after claiming they were innocent for months only to have it proved they weren’t.

There is a trust shortage in America…which is the result of an integrity shortage. People have a hard time trusting because there seem to be so few trustworthy people and institutions any more.

In times like these, the church must up the ante on integrity, and be counter-cultural by returning to holiness through and through. I have generally applauded efforts of the church toward "authenticity"… mostly because I despise fakeness.

But I’ve discovered that when not done in moderation, "authenticity" can send the message that no one is very holy, and no one is really expected to be…nor is anyone really trying. This re-enforces the trust shortage…even as we think it increases trust.

Here’s how we can be authentic… admit our shortcomings, but admit them as aberrations from what we wish we could do…showing grace to one another all the while. It isn’t noble to be a confessional sinner (which we all are). It’s more noble to be a confessional disciple of Jesus (which some are).

Does that make any sense?