1241987608641 This from an electronic newsletter I get from Preaching Magazine.

"According to a new study by Duke Divinity School (and reported by
Religion News Service), 79 percent of male clergy are overweight,
although three-quarters of us rate our health as "excellent" or "very
good." Fifty-two percent of female clergy are overweight as well.

The same study reports that 60 percent of clergy have never doubted
their call to ministry, and 70 percent have never thought about leaving
their profession.

The good news is we know God has called us. The bad news is we frequently hear Krispy Kreme calling as well."

I must admit that I don't doubt the stats at all. I actually thought the number would be higher. These numbers are not a good reflection on those of us who preach. Then again, our numbers are nearly identical to those of the American population as a whole.

This is a sensitive subject, but I wonder why we don't view treatment of one's body as a part of discipleship–despite the fact that Paul says our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, I wonder if some of our avoidance of the subject is due to minister's own lack of discipline in this area…similar to money 🙂

What say you?

(By the way…the picture is of the best steak and shrimp combo I've ever grilled. It was Mother's Day of this year. It makes me hungry…I think I'll go have lunch 🙂