Santa Monica at night Matt Dabbs has posted the top 50 Church of Christ blogs based on Alexa data. This humble blog came in at #23, up 18 slots from July. I wanted to pause and thank everyone for logging on.

I began this blog a few years ago as a way of keeping a few friends posted on the haps with the Spiveys. It grew into somewhat of a personal journal from there…and from there to a kind of smattering of practical theological reflections on ministry, life, politics, theology, etc.

It actually takes quite a bit to post regularly (4 times a week or more) and to do it over years. I try not to post just to post. I try to offer something that might be worthwhile, humorous, or spiritually beneficial…or to simply be silent. Not everything has succeeded at being helpful I'm sure, but that's been the goal.

It would help me a great deal to know what sort of posts you find most helpful. Let me know. I want to the blog to be a blessing. I'll probably always have some personal stuff on here (because I know a lot of people read the blog to make sure the Spiveys are staying out of trouble), but other than that, let me know what is most helpful.

I tend to get the most hits on social commentary posts and ministry resource posts (i.e., the turnaround churches posts). However, that doesn't mean they are in fact the most helpful.

I'd really like to know why you read, and what blesses you. It'll help me be a better blogger. Thanks again for logging on.