Icecream1 Today was a good day. Emily and me caught the 7:45am flight from DFW to Orange County, and still had time to grab breakfast at Mimi's before church at Los Altos in Long Beach at 11.

Los Altos is the little church I grew up in. What a wonderful and caring church family! After worship, the church went to the park for a birthday picnic for my cousin, Emily (not to be confused with my wife, Emily)…and had a wonderful time. After that, I got the chance to spend some brief moments with my sister for the first time since we got the news that she's pregnant! Uncle Tim…I like the sound of that.

There was one low point, however, as one of the brethren this morning responded that when they saw Emily and me from across the room, they though Emily (my wife) was in fact…my daughter!


All of us took naps. Me, Em, Mom, Dad, Sis. Zzzzzzzzzzz……

Tonight, we're going out to eat with my parents.

This is the Spivey way: eat, worship, eat, sleep, eat, laugh, drink coffee…sleep. Like giraffes, hyenas, eels, and other species…we have our routines.

Tomorrow, the Southern California Church Planting Summit begins. Should be interesting, informative, and visionary. Now, I hear the ice cream man coming down the street playing "It's a Small World." Time for some "Froze Toes"..the big frozen foot ice cream with a gumball for a big toe. Mmmm….