Toparc Dallas is obsessed with the Cowboys. Why? I don’t know. I’m not from here, so it’s hard for me to understand. The Mavericks have had far greater recent success…but despite the fact that they have the best record in the NBA (as of this afternoon), you’d be lucky to hear a brief mention of them on sports-talk radio. So, let me offer some thoughts on the Cowboys and some other NFL stuff.

1. This week’s Cowboy fever surrounds one Terrell Owens. When I look at Terrell Owens, I see an immature man (duh). I see someone who wants badly to be loved and accepted and applauded wherever he goes. He wants and needs the ball, because without it, there is no applause…and thus he feels no love or affection from the masses. He needs attention, because to him, attention is love. We all know they aren’t the same. I’m not sure he does.

2. Three weeks ago they were mapping out the parade route in Dallas. Now, we are all weeping and moaning and wanting people to get cut or fired. Touchy, touchy, touchy. We are fair weather fans aren’t we?

3. I like Tony Romo…but I’m not sure he’s the next Tom Brady, like he was 3 weeks ago.

4. Super Bowl Prediction? Saints vs. Colts. Colts win. Beware of – the Cowboys and Broncos.   

Feel free to argue with me…my picks are not based on who the best teams are (though I think the case could be made for these). It’s based on Super Bowl hocus pocus, and the want-to factor. When was the last time the best two teams actually ended up in the Super Bowl, anyway?