IStock_000004965846MediumContinuing with the best books I've read in 2009 by category. See yesterday's post for other categories:

Family LifePastor Dad, by Mark Driscoll. It's a raw book—and not remotely P.C., but one that the average dad will love reading for those reasons. It's available as a free e-book download at Churches need to pay better attention to reaching and maturing men!

Christian LeadershipAxiom, by Bill Hybels. One of the best practical ministry books I've read in the last ten years. Axiom is just a series of short leadership proverbs from a man whose ministerial and experience and wisdom are jaw-dropping.

Ministry StrategySticky Church, by Larry Osborne. I had many to pick from in this category. I chose Sticky Church because it caused me to change my thinking more than any other strategy book this year. Osborne is lesser known to some in the Bible belt. Pick up anything he writes or says.

Apologetics/EvangelismThe Reason for God, by Timothy Keller. This book should be put in the hand of every Christian. It's the most effective, common sense, existential apologetics book since Mere Christianity.

Preaching – Thomas G. Long's, Preaching from Memory to Hope. This year's top book on preaching. Note: There isn't a whole lot of great stuff being published in the area of preaching right now. Preaching could use some strong, and fresh voices. Craddock, Long, and the legends of preaching can only carry us so long.

Spiritual Formation Knowing Christ Today: Why we Can Trust Spiritual Knowledge, by Dallas Willard. Faith and reason belong together.

DevotionalWhen the Game is Over, it all Goes Back in the Box, by John Ortberg. FANTASTIC book on seeking the Kingdom first and prioritizing one's life rightly. Wayne Cordeiro's, the Divine Mentor, is an honorable mention here.

I'd love to know which books of 2009 you think we all need to read. What are they?