Here’s what’s on my mind today…

1. Haley’s off American Idol…and the bottom three were the right ones.

2. Billy Packer’s comments were inappropriate. Imus’ comments were unbelievable. You can see them both below. Imus’ show has been taken off the air. I don’t have a probelm with that. But, here’s the question…why aren’t free speech advocates rushing to protect Imus like they have Howard Stern, Larry Flynt, and others? Imus’ show is now off both TV and radio. The question is… how does a free society do free speech consistently in ways that serve society well? To me, society’s well-being always takes priority over the rights of the individual. However, what is good/bad for society with regards to speech is a question worth exploring.

3. I hate tree pollen.

4. We begin a new sermon series this Sunday at Highland Oaks called "Urban Legends." This Sunday’s legend is, "God wants me to be happy."

5. This is tax weekend. I’ll be praying for you.