As I mentioned in a previous post, I was blessed with the opportunity to learn and have fun with some fellow ministers and their spouses this past week. Spiritual friendship is one of God’ s greatest gifts to us. I hope I can find better ways to receive and offer it going forward.

There was time with my wife, a round of golf (but I shot a 93…ughh..), there was reading, there was the hot tub. There was great learning from my peers, and even some time to rest. But the greatest blessing of them all was and is the spiritual friendship that takes place each year at that gathering. For Emily and I, it’s a breath of fresh air. We have come back much more full than when we left. We hope that somehow the Lord used us to fill, not only to be filled.

It all reminded me of a quote by John Ortberg: "A disciplined follower of Jesus is someone who discerns when laughter,
gentleness, silence, healing words, or prophetic indignation is called
for, and offers it promptly, effectively, and lovingly."