This Sunday, we’re talking about baptism at Highland Oaks. I found this quote among the diamond mine of the early church fathers. This from Justin:

“We have become believers, then, through the
bath which brings repentance and knowledge of God, which was given, according
to Isaiah’s Word, to heal the sins of the peoples of God. We tell you that this bath foretold by him is
the one which alone has the power to purify people, provided they repent. This is the water of life…(Justin, “Dialogue
with Trypho the Jew” 14.1)… All those who confess this are led to prayer. Fasting, they ask God’s forgiveness for their
past sins. We also pray and fast with
them. Then we lead them to place where
there is water. They are born again. They experience rebirth in the same way as we
ourselves experienced it. In the name of
God, the father and Lord of all things, and in the name of our healer and
Savior Jesus Christ and of the Holy Spirit, they now are immersed in the water
(Justin, “First Apology”, 61)…All the waters of the ocean would not be enough
to cleanse you. Rather, the bath of
salvation which he meant form the beginning is, as one might expect, that taken
by those who repent, who no longer cleanse themselves through the blood of
goats and sheep or through the ashes of a heifer…but quite differently: on the
way of faith, through the blood of Christ and through his death. (Justin,
Dialogue with Trypho the Jew, 13.1)