It’s far too easy to spend valuable years of ministry serving “them” rather than God. Who is that? Who are they?

“They” are the powers that be whose approval you feel you need.

“They” may be a tradition you are tempted to love more than your calling…at least at times.

“They” may offer you notoriety, affirmation, and credibility.

“They” may be your greatest temptation in ministry.

“They” are a rival to God as the source, supply, and aim of your ministry. Ask yourself if what you would be willing to change and conform to if “they” asked you to.

By contrast:

He offers you a calling.

He offers you the only affirmation that matters.

He may not offer you notoriety, affirmation, and credibility.

But, He offers you supernatural power to do greater things–greater things in His eyes.

At some points in your ministry, you’ll be forced to choose “they” or “Him.” When you get there, remember who called you.

Professionals serve the “They.”

Pastors serve “Him.”

“Them” and “Him” aren’t always at odds, and the difference between the two may not always be clear. But, at some point they will be clear enough. When you get there, choose the courageous path. Choose Him, not them.

Question: What are some ways you or others are tempted to serve “they” instead of “Him.”