The Trampoline

Santa brought the kids a trampoline for Christmas. Unfortunately, he didn’t put it together…the evil ole man! So, the task fell to me. Getting the trampoline together was fine, but the enclosure around it was a project that, because of some bad U-Bolts, took two weeks to finish.

So, on New Year’s Day, all 4 of us went out and jumped on the trampoline for about an hour. There is scarcely a greater display of joy in the world than a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old jumping on a trampoline for the first time with their parents still clinging to their youth.

It makes all the anguish of trampoline assembly purgatory worth it.

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8 thoughts on “The Trampoline

  1. I think the only injury that might have been prevented with an enclosure for me was when I cracked a rib on the side bar. All the others I commented on earlier happened right square in the middle of the thing, usually as the result of more than one person jumping at a time. Scary, but fun.

  2. I have always loved trampolines! When I was growing trampolines didn’t have the enclosures they do now. Hopefully there are less accidents nowadays. Your story reminds me of one of Jeremy’s birthdays when we rented a bounce house. We couldn’t wait for all the kids to leave so we could get in and have fun!! Enjoy!!

  3. LOVE the trampoline, some of my best childhood memories AND injuries are of jumping on my trampoline. I still can spot a trampoline and make a bee-line for it, they are just too hard to resist. Sounds like Santa did good this year!!

  4. I live in Idabel, OK, though I grew up in El Paso, TX. My wife and I spent our first married years in Dallas , which is when we attended HOCC. I miss that place. Love your blog.

  5. We’re trampoline people too. But the joy only lasts until one of your son’s friends knocks out his front tooth on the thing and bleeds everywhere, and then your 5 year old daughter breaks her arm on it. I cracked a rib on one. My girfriend in high school broke her leg on one. The wind caught ours one time and flung it about 100 yards into the neighbor’s field, scattering springs all over the yard. I’m still finding them with the lawn mower.
    Now, why am I a trampoline person? Cause their so dang fun!