The Sopranos Finale

Here in New York, the front pages of all the newspapers are covered with evaluations of the Sopranos finale. This is a big deal considering that yesterday the Tony awards took place at Radio City Music Hall and the National Puerto Rican Day Festival took place. But the day belonged to Tony. Now people are trying to figure out where the Sopranos should be listed among the great shows of all time. It makes my top 5.

If I could only name five, here’s how I would line them up (In no particular order).

The Sopranos
Saturday Night Live
The Cosby Show

Feel free to quarrel if you want to… I’m sure we’ll have some M.A.S.H. people, and some Seinfeld disciples.

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9 thoughts on “The Sopranos Finale

  1. I have to give a loud “amen” to JAT’s inclusion of West Wing. Great writing should always lead us to think critically about ourselves and our time. WW did that consistently.
    And believe it or not, Tim–WW ought to have made Republicans AND Democrats think, no matter what the right wing fanatics say.

  2. Raymond…good one, Gillespie.
    Good comments by JAT too. The Sopranos to me is groundbreaking in that it gave us insight into the everyday life of underworld folks, and the critics give it props for its portrayal of psychotherapy through Tony’s relationship with Dr. Melfi.
    I also must confess that I LOVE “The Office”, though I can’t put it in the top 5 yet. It is one of the funniest shows on TV in a long, long, time…and the most consistently funny since Raymond.

  3. If we’re talking about television shows that were truly groundbreaking, I’m not sure The Sopranos belongs on the list at all. It didn’t do anything new the way MASH did or Seinfeld or The Simpsons or I Love Lucy or All in the Family or even American Idol and 24.
    But if we’re talking about the best-written shows in television history, I’ll give The Sopranos a seat at that table along with MASH, West Wing, All in the Family and The Simpsons.

  4. Definitely gotta go with Cosby and I’ll take your 24 (ignoring the mediocrity of this last season).
    I’ll add
    With a nod to Simpsons if cartoons count.
    But make sure you watch On The Lot tonight and vote for David May!

  5. I can only pick 5…if Clay had beat Ruben, and Katherine had beaten Taylor Hicks, it might have made the list. As the Godfather said, “that…I will not forgive.”