The Greatest Quarterback

There are all kinds of debates going on right now about Peyton Manning’s place in history…whether or not he wins the Super Bowl on Sunday. Here’s my stab at the all-time top 5 (of the modern era).

5. Peyton Manning
4. Brett Favre
3. Dan Marino
2. Joe Montana
1. John Elway

What’s yours? Cowboy fans…don’t humiliate yourself by putting Aikman in there…

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6 thoughts on “The Greatest Quarterback

  1. Dude, you cannot talk about the greatest quarterbacks of all time and not talk about leading their teams to winning the Superbowl. A lot of guys have great skills, but winning is what it is all about. So I will quickly take off Dan Marino, probably the best skills guy on the list, and give you the real list of greatest quarterbacks who were winners first and then had the skills second.
    5. John Elway, Roger Staubach
    4. Tom Brady
    3. Troy Aikman
    2. Terry Bradshaw
    1. Joe Montana

  2. Just for you, Tim…
    1)Troy Aikman
    2)Roger Staubach
    3)Danny White
    4)Don Meredith
    5)Clint Longley
    I’m sorry, are there other NFL teams out there, too? 🙂