PossessionbgConfession time… demon possession is something I’ve believed in because it’s in the Bible. But, I had never experienced anything resembling it…until Sunday morning.

At about 8:30am I came down the stairs to deliver my PowerPoint slides and notes to "the clicker," and saw a woman holding her son close to her. She said to me, "That guy is crazy!" She pointed to a man who was in the chapel–hissing, yelling, gyrating, and looking violent.

My first thought was–mentally disturbed. So, I went into the fellowship hall to borrow a cell phone and call the cops. Well, soon enough I realized that the man has followed me into the Fellowship Hall (where the church is currently worshiping due to construction). His eyes were rolled back into his head, and yet he could see. He was talking to Satan, and confessing to a murder he had committed. Though his eyes were solid white, he could see. And no one who was trying to get his attention could get through to him.

And then I spoke…and things got interesting.

I said, "Sir…" and he whipped around, hissed and roared at me. He said, "Jesus, I know that you are the risen one!" and then picked up a chair and threw it at me. Then, he came swinging. I was able to dodge a couple of punches…and then, thankfully, one of our larger brothers happened to be there to subdue the man…but not before he got to turn all the communion tables over…grape juice flying everywhere. Three men held him down, and 911 took 20 minutes to get there. As the cops took him away, he was talking to both Satan and Jesus…eyes still hollow.

I don’t really know what to say except…on a day in which we were making a major announcement like the one we did Sunday (the multi-site announcement), it was creepy. It was creepy that he could only hear me. It was creepy to hear him dialoguing with Satan, and Jesus. It was creepy to have someone physically attack me right before a service. The whole thing was just creepy.

My adrenaline level was just shy of galactic when the service started. We had a time of prayer for the man, and for all who witnessed it who were rattled. And we went on…we prayed, we sang, we preached, and we announced, and we applauded, and it was just another Sunday at Highland Oaks.

Here’s the question…do you believe in demon-possession? Why or why not? And, have you ever experienced something similar to this? Creepy…