The night before you preach your last sermon is unique. It's a melancholy night of nostalgia.

This evening the staff had a going away party for us. As is typical when that group is gathered…lots of laughs.

Chad, my friend and partner in ministry on the stage on Sundays…let me have a heads up that they planned to play a brief video showing pictures from my first Sunday and some from our last Sunday in the old worship center…with clips of Don Crisp (one of our elders) from the first Sunday and my first sermon at HOCC played over it.

Click here to watch it.

Ouch…in a good way. But, here was my question: HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET UP AND PREACH AFTER THAT?

Because God will allow me to.

Because the church and the Spiveys need closure to a great era.

Because I learned so much and was loved so much by so many.

Because Sunday's coming… and Jesus is risen.

That's why we all preach…or should.

And, because it's fun to preach and worship and be church…even when it hurts.

So, I look forward to tomorrow…to the bread and the cup, to the praise, to the hugs, to the tears, and to the celebration of what God has done over the past six years or so. And I peek over the horizon at what may lie ahead…knowing that the same God who granted the Spiveys six wonderful years can do even greater things in the years to come.