OK…it’s finally the week of the launch of our Plano campus, so here’s the scoop.

Gatherings for worship will be at 9am in Plano, and 10am in Dallas. I will be preaching live at both…commuting between the two campuses. Trust me, it’s much more easy than it sounds. The greatest thing about it so far is how it has opened the doors of service for so many people. Here are some things I’ve learned in the process of planning for all of this:

1. Ministerial staff is the second most undervalued resource in the church.
2. Volunteer service is the most undervalued.
3. Gifts of administration are the third most undervalued.
4. Churches need to play more offense, and get off of defense. Defense may win championships, but it’s awful ministry.
5.  Children’s ministry workers may be greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
6. The problem with many churches isn’t that there isn’t enough money, it’s that there isn’t enough ministry for the money they have.
7. Working together is always better than working separately, when it’s done well.