This from the Chinese news media as a follow-up to recent coverage in the American press:

Thomas Beatie, known as "the pregnant man," along with his wife and five month baby girl, appeared in an interview Tuesday together for the first time.

The 34-year-old man said he has been ten weeks and expecting their second child in June, and the sperm comes from the same donor, according to CNN report.

When asked whether he considers himself gay when he met with Nancy – his wife now, Thomas said they were a normal couple although perceived by others as lesbians.

"I lived my life as a woman at that point. Legally, I was female. But inside I still felt male. So the way other people perceived us, they saw us as a lesbian couple," Thomas said.

He said they could have normal kind of intercourse after reassignment surgery and hormone treatment.

Hmmm….sounds normal to me 🙂

No matter what Oprah (sorry ladies) or anyone else believes…this isn't normal. It's not healthy behavior for us to champion in society.  The church must certainly avoid hatred or sinful attitudes toward anyone. But, the church also can't allow society to define a new "reality" that is so contrary to God's Word. I don't do a lot of these posts…but feel passionately that unless the church helps people understand how some of these things pare with God's values, the new "normal" will become more normal for the church than it should.