In about 2 weeks, North County will launch it's new web site at nccofc.org. Our hope is the that, with time, it becomes a storehouse of spiritual resources. There will be a lot of obvious improvements – style, navigation, etc., but one that will be obvious right away is the new media channel…which will have archives of all messages preached at North County in both audio and video (the latter will take a bit of time)…with a sleek navigation system in the likeness of ITunes. What you see is one rough draft of the front page. It won't look just like this…but something close.

In addition, we hope to have some creative ways of making the site a port of entry for people both into the church and into the beginning of a walk with Christ.

In my opinion, most Churches of Christ spend FAR too little (if any) energy and resources on technology and graphic arts that can make a real difference in the church's ability to both connect with younger generations and seriously impact all generations. There will be other posts on this subject in the days ahead. We've been working really hard on this at NCCC, and will continue to do so in the months and years ahead.

I'd be curious to know what some of your churches are doing to raise the bar in this area. Do you find it hard to get your church to pay attention to things like technology and graphic arts?