Rapture-family-radio.gi.top Well, Saturday is May 21st–supposedly the beginning of the end of the world. Am I ready? I hope so. I hope so, because that's how I'm supposed to live. I'm supposed to live ready. So are you. I suppose Christ could come on May 21st. He could come before you finish reading this post.

If that last sentence sounded like a bit of a stretch (I'll admit it did to me), then you know how much we take for granted that we're going to be here a while. I'll say this for the May 21sters…who I believe are doing great harm to Christianity right now…at least they have the Second-Coming on their mind…and, at least for a time, are living it out. While they are doing harm to Christianity with their current campaigns and will make all Christians out to be boobs to some through their antics, I actually applaud them for caring about the Second Coming.

We Christians have been here so long we often forget about the Second Coming, or we have shifted our focus on earthly things without the sense of urgency the early Christians lived with. Other than the obvious mistake of naming the date of Christ's return (Jesus said He Himself knew not the hour), the mistake some of the May 21sters are making is preparation for the Great Day by building bunkers and other things. This is a result of what I believe to be flawed eschatology that predicts a post-Rapture tribulation (a subject perhaps for another post). 

If in fact the return of Christ is a glorious event we should look forward to with eager anticipation rather than the initiation of a war and tribulation we need to bunkerize our lives for, it seems to me we would do better preparing for that day by:

  • Cultivating a life that really believes, "To live is Christ, to die is gain."
  • Share Christ with those we know wisely but urgently.
  • Remember we know not the hour, so we keep our lamps lit…seeking Christ's will for our lives and world in the mean time. We keep ourselves pure and ready.

Question: Do you think Christians still care about the Second Coming as we should? Why, or why not?


Below is a video demonstrating the surge in doomsday bunker sales…and how lavish some of these bunkers are. Unreal.